Honeywood Valley

Honeywood Valley


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Retreat to Honeywood and disconnect to connect

When your day starts off at Honeywood instead of the office you’re like a kid on Christmas morning 


It’s 4:45 am, and your alarm goes off earlier than you had prepared. On the contrary, getting up is easy, because you remember it’s the UCLEx Market  WRAP Retreat at Honeywood. You immediately picture yourself surrounded by nature’s beauty immersed in stillness and serenity all the while learning to prepare your soul for 2021. 


The beauty of the Honeywood experience gives the guests an imagination to explore, relax, and refresh their mind, body, and soul

When ULECx was looking for team building retreat ideas, there were few to none that compared to a corporate retreat venue like Honeywood Valley. Honeywood excitedly welcomed attendants of the WRAP Retreat, which stands for Wind down from 2020, Refresh your soul, Anchor your spirit, Prepare for 2021. These attendees had the pleasure of staying in Honeywood’s Lodge for their retreat weekend, which sleeps 13 guests.

The days were filled with a variety of speakers guiding an experience to help connect with those to the mind & body, Holy Spirit and other like-minded Christian business leaders from Birmingham, AL. At the end of the first day’s sessions, everyone celebrated and took communion together. The attendees also made time to take group and individual breaks, whether that was a nature walk, relaxing on the beach, or discovering many of the other experiences available at Honeywood. 

We never go hungry at Honeywood, thanks to our local caterer Table and Thyme – always a delicious treat

Between breakfast, lunch and dinner and with the culinary skills of Table and Thyme catering, no one went hungry and was joyfully full. To kick off the day, breakfast included heart-healthy oatmeal, savory scrambled eggs and breakfast meat with a side of warm sweet potatoes and fruit. Eat breakfast like a king, right? Table and Thyme kept lunch light with chicken, roasted vegetables and rice. It was just the right amount to keep everyone full till dinner. To close out the evening, dinner consisted of a mouth-watering cut of beef, warm roasted potatoes and perfectly seasoned veggies. Each meal was delicious, filling and healthy to say the least. Table and Thyme offers Honeywood guests a wide variety of catering options based on their event and individual needs.

ULECx Event Catered by Table & Thyme

Honeywood is more than a retreat, it’s a getaway and destination for all of life’s occasions 

Honeywood’s purpose is not just for a family getaway, romantic couples’ retreat, corporate event or wedding venue. Honeywood is also a safe haven welcoming those who need retreat to reset the mind, body and soul as a health and wellness retreat. Whether you need a retreat location for spiritual, physical or emotional or team building purposes, Honeywood Valley fulfills every need. We invite you to explore all Honeywood has to offer! 

ULECx Good Morning!

ULECx Corporate Retreat Schedule of Events

Every event or retreat schedule is different, but here is an example schedule to get your ideas flowing for your retreat idea.

Honeywood hosted ULECx members from Thursday through Friday afternoon. They gathered in different locations and made the most of their time on the property.

Thursday’s Schedule

  • 6 AM – en route to Honeywood Valley in Sterret, Alabama. Honeywood is located 25 miles outside of Birmingham, Alabama and is very accessible to many surrounding areas from 280 and HWY i20
  • 7 AM – arrive at Honeywood, a beautiful 895 acres of peaceful tranquility
  • 9 AM – an inspiring welcome message from the ULECx team leaders for the retreat attendees
  • 9:30 AM – a welcome message and testimonial from the owner of Honeywood Valley, and Queen Bee,  Angie Wood
  • 9:45 AM – a welcome message and seminar from Thomas Cox of Table and Thyme, where he shared inspirational advice on food and its effect on your mind, body and spirit
  • 11 AM – ULECx market Members speak on their individual businesses’ strengths, challenges and goals for 2021
  • 12 PM – Break for a delicious lunch provided by Table and Thyme
  • 1 PM – At the final session of the day, members took the King’s communion, led by leaders of ULECx

Friday’s Schedule

  • 8 AM – Breakfast served by Table and Thyme
  • 9 AM – to start the day off on an inspiration note, devotions were shared by attendees of the teambuilding retreat
  • 9:45 AM – ULECx leader shares business best practices, and inspiration for the upcoming year
  • 11 AM – a mini seminar led by Members of ULECx
  • 12 PM – lunch was served by Table and Thyme
  • 1 PM – the day wrapped with The Four Cups, which represent the four expressions of deliverance promised by God Exodus 6:6–7: “I will bring out,” “I will deliver,” “I will redeem,” and “I will take.”

More to explore

Create Lasting Memories at Honeywood Valley

It’s not everyday you find yourself in a place where anything is possible.
At Honeywood Valley, that’s exactly where you’ll be.

Hidden in the lush woodland wonderland that is the Appalachian valley, just 25 miles from the heart of Birmingham, lies a unique oasis just waiting for you and your next adventure. Honeywood Valley offers one-of-a kind experiences with a variety of intriguing amenities to make every visit special. Find yourself in a state of unforgettable comfort in the luxurious lodge or reconnect with the love of your life alongside the glistening waters of Lake Lomah. Honeywood Valley offers 895 acres to tailor to your specific needs and interests whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or a private retreat.

It’s a Southern Thing visits Honeywood Valley for new merchandise photoshoot

It’s a Southern Thing, based in Birmingham, Alabama, is a team of southern storytellers — filmmakers, writers and social media experts. They believe the south has some of the greatest people and places anywhere, and they want to share those treasures with the world. Through their brands, It’s a Southern Thing, This is Alabama and People of Alabama, they aim to entertain, inform, share the messages of their partners, and help build communities. Speaking of places, their team selected Honeywood Valley as one of their seasonal photoshoot locations for their Southern expressions merchandise and ‘Critter Collection.’

Honeywood Valley holds inaugural Easter Egg Hunt for the public

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the [Honey]trail. This Easter weekend, Honeywood Valley “egg-citedly” hosted their very first Easter Egg Hunt event. Families large and small brought their kids of all ages for this festive, outdoor and COVID-friendly event. With sunny skies and a slight chill in the air, the forecast couldn’t have called for a more perfect day for an Easter egg hunt.

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