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     Land has always played a major role in both Dave and Angie’s life. Dave grew up an avid outdoorsman either hunting, fishing or tending to the family’s herd of cows. Angie grew up surrounded by cow pastures and gardens brimming with fruits and vegetables, which she learned at a young age to help harvest, clean and can for coming months. So, naturally when they married, they dreamed of one day owning land of their own, so they could continue that part of their past. 

     One decade later, and they now have three young boys, and their desire to own land and give them space to play has only increased. Dave had been on the hunt for the perfect parcel of property for years, and they looked at a handful of sites, but nothing felt right. Dave and Angie’s wishlist had grown more specific as their lives grew busier. They sat down one night in the backyard over a roaring fire and dreamed up the ideal wishlist for a piece of property. They wanted acreage, enough for privacy, hunting and vegetable crops, and a water source for fishing. For good measure, Angie jokingly threw in a beach, because she also has an affinity for sand and saltwater. The real kicker was — it needed to be within an hours drive of Birmingham, because the family is active in local sports, school events and church. 

     Well, two weeks later, Dave forwarded Angie a link to a listing and merely said, “Want a Farm?” She clicked the link and knew immediately this was not a mere farm, and they had to go see it. They excitedly visited and instantly knew this was the unicorn Angie and Dave had searched for years to find. It had everything and more: a lake large enough for fishing, swimming, kayaking and skiing; an exquisite lodge straight out of Colorado, which could easily host family and friends; miles of trails for tranquil walks, serious hikes and hours of exploration; and even a beach! It would make for the perfect outdoor getaway in Birmingham.

     Their hearts had found a home in this hidden gem tucked away behind double oak mountain just minutes from Highway 280. Finding this property could not have come at a better time. They had been through a valley, and God was bringing restoration. This was their promised land. Their land of milk and honey which God set aside for them at just the right time. 

     When Angie and Dave took ownership of their promise land, they knew it was too sweet not to share with others. The peace and respite found here is unmatched this close to downtown Birmingham. In an effort to share this beautiful place with others, Dave and Angie have created a venue like no other. They wanted this property to be not only a great destination getaway, but also a fantastic venue for events, corporate meetings, family gatherings, wellness retreats and an all-around perfect Birmingham event space. 

     Anyone may come with many or few to celebrate or seek solace. They know that once you enter the gates of Honeywood, you too, will experience a thin place where God can restore your soul and refill your spirit. Honeywood Valley’s service oriented team focuses on genuine southern hospitality and will do everything possible to ensure you make unforgettable memories to last a lifetime.

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