Honeywood Valley

Honeywood Valley

It’s a Southern Thing visits Honeywood Valley for new merchandise photoshoot

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Book Honeywood Valley as a dream backdrop for any photoshoot.

The beautiful landscape of Honeywood added extra flair for It’s a Southern Thing’s Southern expressions merchandise.

It’s a Southern Thing, based in Birmingham, Alabama, is a team of southern storytellers — filmmakers, writers and social media experts. They believe the south has some of the greatest people and places anywhere, and they want to share those treasures with the world. Through their brands, It’s a Southern Thing, This is Alabama and People of Alabama, they aim to entertain, inform, share the messages of their partners, and help build communities. Speaking of places, their team selected Honeywood Valley as one of their seasonal photoshoot locations for their Southern expressions merchandise and ‘Critter Collection.’

Its a southern thing - Bless your heart
Its a southern thing - southern as a tomato sandwich
Its a southern thing - bless your heart v2

Honeywood welcomed the team in true outdoor fashion, southern critter style! 

With over 895 acres, a beach, lake and plenty of wooded area, Honeywood is a place where critters thrive. Not only was it a perfect environment for their photoshoot, but it also brought out their true southern charm. During their photoshoot, they had access to the full property and the lodge. Their team was able to use the lodge for outfit changes, hair and make up, a break from the sun and more. They were free to explore the expansive property to find locations that best fit their photography needs.

Its a southern thing - call your mama
Its a southern thing - made in the south
Its a southern thing - get off your high horse

If you’re looking for a place for your next photoshoot, Honeywood could be just the right fit.  

 Whether you’re looking for product photography, corporate photography or a secluded venue for a branded photoshoot, Honeywood welcomes you! Commercial photography is defined as images created in or of the Honeywood property that any individual or organization intends to use for commercial, professional, advertising or promotional purposes, including but not limited to film or television, advertising, retail merchandising, marketing, portfolio, educational or published material or any purpose for which the photographer is paid for the use of the image or video. Fees for commercial photography and filming are determined on an individual basis. We recommend and prefer a 10 day in advance notice of your shoot. For more information, pricing and availability, please contact us.

Its a southern thing - southern critters
Its a southern thing - socks
Its a southern thing - Fuled by sweet tea
Its a southern thing - I survived blizzard of 93

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At Honeywood Valley, that’s exactly where you’ll be.

Hidden in the lush woodland wonderland that is the Appalachian valley, just 25 miles from the heart of Birmingham, lies a unique oasis just waiting for you and your next adventure. Honeywood Valley offers one-of-a kind experiences with a variety of intriguing amenities to make every visit special. Find yourself in a state of unforgettable comfort in the luxurious lodge or reconnect with the love of your life alongside the glistening waters of Lake Lomah. Honeywood Valley offers 895 acres to tailor to your specific needs and interests whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or a private retreat.

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