Honeywood Valley

Honeywood Valley

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10 Types of Events to Plan at Honeywood Valley

It’s not everyday you find yourself in a place where anything is possible.

At Honeywood Valley, that’s exactly where you’ll be. 

Hidden in the lush woodland wonderland that is the Appalachian valley, just 25 miles from the heart of Birmingham, lies a unique oasis just waiting for you and your next adventure. Honeywood Valley offers one-of-a kind experiences with a variety of intriguing amenities to make every visit special. Find yourself in a state of unforgettable comfort in the luxurious lodge or reconnect with the love of your life alongside the glistening waters of Lake Lomah. Honeywood Valley offers 895 acres to tailor to your specific needs and interests whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or a private retreat. 

When you book a stay with Honeywood Valley, you’re already on your way to fulfilling every expectation you have with grace. Angie Wood, the hospitable owner, has created an environment that tailors to your every need and makes your visit as magical and rewarding as possible. Numerous amenities and opportunities are offered in this greenwood sanctuary that have been featured in countless outlets such as Birmingham Magazine, Peak Season, and Summer Classics. There are endless ways to spend your days and nights under the sun and stars here, so let’s explore some of them and begin your much needed stay. 

There are many partnerships and preferred vendors associated with Honeywood Valley to perfect every kind of experience. Table & Thyme, for example, is a preferred caterer for events and gatherings with lavish spreads and gourmet meals. Other partnerships include other ways to achieve absolute relaxation such as yoga, facial and body treatments with Fancy Face Birmingham aestheticians, and more. 

honeywood valley

The magnificent Honeywood Lodge is characterized by 7,500 sq. ft. of bliss. The lodge boasts five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and plenty of space to connect with friends and family with six porches and three separate fireplaces for a cozy evening together. Up to thirteen guests can stay in the lodge settled on the banks of Lake Lomah. Enjoy the sand between your toes as you walk along the over 150 ft. of private beach and take a dip in the cool, refreshing water to remind yourself what life’s all about. The living room of the lodge is designed to be the perfect hang-out spot for any occasion, adorned with a rotating flat screen TV, a game area, a multi-fridge beverage bar, and a double-sided fireplace. Enjoy the elegance of a gourmet meal in the 360 sp. ft. dining room lit by rustic chandeliers and a cozy fireplace. Craft your own delicious beverages and homemade meals in the fully equipped kitchen or explore your personality in the numerous themed bedrooms, each uniquely styled for a delightful stay. 

The Lodge isn’t the only thing to be enjoyed at Honeywood Valley. In fact, the entire property is designed to be explored and experienced to the fullest extent. From the refreshing waters of Lake Lomah and the running streams of the area, to the hiking trails and event spaces, this Appalachian getaway is the place for guaranteed adventure and relaxation. To inspire your stay, here are 10 unique experiences to be had at Honeywood Valley.

1. A Pampering Girls Weekend

Day-to-day life can put a strain on relationships as well as your own mental health. Let go of the stress that’s holding you and your gal pals back and make your way to Honeywood Valley for some high-class pampering. Using our local partners like Fancy Face, you can schedule a spa day to spoil yourselves with professional facial and body treatments, massages, and a relaxing atmosphere to make lasting memories together. Honeywood does not have an onsite spa, however, we work with experienced professionals and our beautiful lodge to bring the spa atmosphere to you! 
Find your new favorite wine through a locally sourced wine tasting, led by Jones is Thirsty and bond over delicious and gorgeous charcuterie boards courtesy of Graze on the Go and Table & Thyme. Escape to a campfire and laugh under the stars as you reconnect with each other away from the hustle and bustle of life and look back fondly at the highly aesthetic pictures you have of your stay.

2. A Bonding Guy’s Weekend 

Ladies aren’t the only ones that can find everything they need for the perfect weekend with their closest friends. Plan a stay with the guys at Honeywood Valley and get out of the cramped lifestyle of home. Explore the outdoors and clear your heads in the fresh air by spending time with your friends fishing, mountain biking, hiking, or hanging out at the lake. Expand your palette with bourbon-tasting and a tender grill-themed meal package. The campfire is perfect for roaring laughter of you and your best buds to share at any time of the year.

3. Sweet Spiritual Retreat

Life can easily lead to getting bogged down by stress or an overwhelming exposure to technology and negativity. Whether you’re looking to reconnect to your religious identity, or seeking a place to expand your spiritual awareness in the comfort of ethereal natural beauty, Honeywood Valley is the place for you. Inspired by The Land of Milk and Honey, Honeywood Valley is a place dedicated to preserving its natural serenity and peace among every corner of the land. Whether it’s for a one-on-one connection or to inspire a group’s journey, use this opportunity to foster growth in a place of sanctuary. 

Nature at Honeywood Valley
Nature at Honeywood Valley

4.  Campout-But Make it Stylish

Not everyone enjoys every aspect of camping. On one hand, it can be serene, relaxing, and exciting to find oneself somewhat living off the land, but for some, bugs, humidity, and poison ivy may be a little too much to handle. Luckily there’s a happy medium at Honeywood Valley. Schedule a stay at the deluxe Lodge and experience all the best things camping has to offer without the hassle and discomfort. You can still roast marshmallows under the stars without having to sleep on the ground and you can tailor your visit to be everything you could want for a camping trip.

Campfire at Honeywood Valley
Campfire at Honeywood Valley

5. Annual Family Reunion 

A strong family connection can be one of the most rewarding relationships in life. If you’re hosting a group of 13 or less, strengthen your familial roots by inviting your family to spend time at  Honeywood Valley, a resort filled with plenty to do. Bond over a gourmet catered meal from one of our preferred vendors, compete in friendly games like family football or a game of Monopoly, set up bouncy houses for the little ones or host a line-dance for your extended family. If you’re looking for a larger family gathering for the day, Honeywood can accommodate up to 200 person events in the area around the lodge, so there’s plenty of space to enjoy each other’s company.

Gathering at Honeywood Valley
Gathering at Honeywood Valley

6. Outdoor Education and Adventure 

Nowadays, our kids are exposed to technology at a much higher rate than we ever were at their age. Just like us, children are easily overstimulated by video games and social media and can easily lose the magic of being a kid in the great outdoors. Spark their interests and imagination with an outdoor retreat! Whether it’s a group of scouts or a group of kids that just need to learn to be kids again, Honeywood Valley offers the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature in a fun and safe way. Swimming, fishing, canoeing, camping, and hiking are only a few of the endless possibilities of ways to learn more about the world at Honeywood Valley, don’t be afraid to explore what else lies in the rolling hills and trails of the land. 

Lake Lomah
Lake Lomah

7.  Health & Wellness Detox Retreat

As mentioned before, Honeywood Valley offers a number of ways to pamper yourself during your stay through local service providers that prioritizes both your mental and physical health. Release any tension you carry with you throughout your days with a relaxing yoga and meditation session or treat your body and face with massages and treatments. Find the epitome of relaxation to recharge your energy so you can take on any obstacle life throws at you with ease. 

Yoga at Honeywood Valley
Yoga at Honeywood Valley

8.  Weddings, Anniversaries, and Birthdays  

Whatever the milestone may be, Honeywood Valley is the perfect place to celebrate. For those tying the knot, you have full access to every inch of the property and amazing vendors. The enchanting forest, glistening lake, and secluded location offer the perfect romantic backdrop for an unforgettable wedding, especially in areas like the 100-year-old Amish barn situated at the top of a hill overlooking all that Alabama’s natural beauty has to offer. Dedicate a stay to celebrating the continued devotion of you and your special one by spending your time in the private lodge, dipping your toes in the lake, and savoring delicious food and wine together.

Wedding at Honeywood Valley
Wedding at Honeywood Valley

9. Creative Workshops

Those with creative interests are always looking for inspiration, painters, musicians, writers, photographers, you name it, they all need a muse.  Honeywood Valley welcomes creatives of all mediums to find their muse in the beauty of the nature around them. Explore the land,soak in the peaceful setting allowing your mind to wander and imagine all while honing your artistic skills and abilities. Honeywood Valley is a blank canvas that can be turned into whatever an artist needs to create great works, so take advantage of the opportunity to create.

Nature at Honeywood Valley
Nature at Honeywood Valley

10. Work Meetings and Corporate Events

What better way to impress your clients and form lifelong relationships with coworkers than to situate yourself at an elegant and charming retreat. Expand your network and grow your connections through team-building activities and a host of fun things to do together whilst reserving time and space to conduct business in luxury. You can enjoy large employee celebrations, reward top players with an overnight stay, or break away from the office for an inspiring backdrop to your next executive planning seminar. 

These are only a few of the many ways you can spend time at Honeywood Valley making memories and enjoying your life to the fullest extent. Let Angie and everyone at Honeywood Valley make your dreams a reality and plan your stay today!

Corporate Retreat at Honeywood Valley
Corporate Retreat at Honeywood Valley

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